Banana Mailing Experience

Anyone wanting to be an expert banana mailer, must obviously be adept in mailing bananas.

We’ve been mailing some test bananas packed differently, but still visibly. A mailed banana must be a seen banana!

Step 1. Banana choice. We choose beautifully green bananas. In this case, as green as was available. This banana was purchased on March 19th and had already started ripening so while still slightly green, it wasn’t near ideally green. Which, of course, didn’t deter our monkeys from immediately drawing and writing on it.


Step 2. Banana wrap. Basic option was sealed in plastic wrap and adhere to Canada Post rules for sending fruit (even though a banana is a berry!).

03192016 - mailed banana

At this point, our monkeys decided to fling certain things to celebrate a successful banana wrapping and we had to wait a day while Kevin cleaned things up.

Step 3. Posting a banana. March 20th, 1 day later our wrapped and labelled banana made its Canada Post debut.


A bit of monkeying around was required, but our banana finally slid through and started its journey.

03212016 - banana tracker

Step 4. Banana wait. So far, so good – 3-4 days and our mailbox will no longer be banana free. The banana has now been around our monkeys and mailpeople for 3 days, plus however longer it lay in its store exile. I choose to believe 2 days, so I’ll call this banana 5 days old on March 21st.

03232016 - banana tracker

Two more days, and our 7-day old banana is well underway to its expected delivery. Awesome monkeys eagerly await!

03242016 - banana tracker

Uh oh. A processing error has caused a possible delay. Damn them all!!! Not what an 8-day old banana wants to experience. This banana will have to detour and sit it out over the Easter weekend.

03292016 - banana delivered

13 is the charm. Our 13-day old banana has now landed!


Yup. That’s a banana in a box. Technically 9 days to deliver, even though we were promised 3-4 days. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. We’ll see how true that is…


A well stickered up (stuck up?) banana!


The unveiling could now begin.




Actually pretty good for 9 days in the mail. Our 13-day old banana has a distinctive soft spot, but who doesn’t have a soft spot for a well written and mailed monkeybanana!

New monkeybananas have since been mailed, with different packing methods, and we’ll see if any “processing errors” occur again. I’m fairly certain Canada Post simply thought this such an awesome idea that they had to show and tell with their colleagues in Richmond Hill and re-routed just to pass the banana around, probably take pictures, brag about banana mail and generally admire our monkeys’ banana.





Author: bananamailer

I like to send and eat bananas. I also like monkeys.