Canada outeats US in bananas!

We’re number one!

When it comes to bananas, Canadians have been consistently outeating our southern neighbours. Per capita, Canadians consumed 32.5 lbs of bananas in 2012, while Americans only managed 30.5 lbs in the same year.






In 2014, Canadians upped their game, knocking back 34.4 lbs of delicious bananas. US numbers are currently unavailable. Our monkeys choose to believe its because the US has abandoned all hope of beating Canadians going bananas.

Where is this data coming from?

Kevin had too much time and started scouring google for statistical data. He then went totally bananas and created a chart, mapping out consumption. With bananas flinging around, we could just barely contain Kevin – but here’s his work and his sources.

Banana Consumption



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